FSSC 22000 Certification

FSSC 22000 Certification

The FSSC 22000 certificate proves that an organizations’ food safety management system complies with the Scheme requirements.

All current FSSC 22000 certified organizations are listed here.

The FSSC 22000 Scheme is managed by Foundation FSSC and governed by an independent Board of Stakeholders, consisting of representatives from several sectors in the food industry.

To ensure transparency and involvement of the industry, an Advisory Committee makes recommendations regarding several topics, including technical aspects like unannounced audits & Food Fraud, guidance documents, and scheme revisions. The Advisory Committee reports to the Board of Stakeholders.

Sectors Available

FSSC 22000 supports the whole food supply chain. More information about these sectors can be found below.
The retail & wholesale sector is a complex stage of the food supply chain. Any upstream failure in the supply chain can result in unsafe products and high impact incidents, with loss of consumer trust as a result.
The control of food safety in the catering and food services sector presents some of the most difficult and diverse challenges within the food supply chain. An effective food safety management system to identify and control food safety risks is essential to ensure that the food served to the end-user is safe to eat.
A critical element within the food supply chain is the transport and storage of food and packaging materials. Growers, manufacturers, and processors of food, as well as food service organizations and retailers, all rely on an intricate distribution network to ensure that products arrive safely and in good condition at their destination.
One of the most critical challenges for food manufacturers is to ensure the safety of their products. By nature, food is very vulnerable to deterioration, namely caused by the wide variety of raw materials and ingredients sourced from a diverse array of suppliers in combination with global and complex supply chains. The release of unsafe food to the market can significantly impact public health, resulting in loss of consumer confidence and damaged brand reputation.
The manufacture of safe packaging and packaging materials is a critical part of ensuring the food supply chain’s integrity and safety. The packaging for food and feed has many essential functions: protecting its contents against contamination or damage, leakage or loss, providing a showcase for the marketing of the product to the consumer, and the provision of required product information.
Animal Feed is critical for all animals used in the food supply chain. Animal feed shall be nutritious and safe for the animal and, therefore, safe for human food. The composition of animal feed is very complex and uses various food safety-sensitive ingredients and raw materials. Animal feed and its ingredients are also sourced, produced, and transported all over the world. When not controlled, food safety for animal feed manufacturing and the used ingredients can significantly impact the animals and the related food products.
Animal Farming is the critical first supply chain step for many food products. When insufficiently controlled, food safety can cause major incidents and food scares, resulting in high consequences for human health and economic issues. By nature, animal farming poses significant food safety hazards. Especially microbiological hazards from pathogen micro-organism, but also risks from animal feed and medicines, shall be identified and controlled.

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