MeSTI Certification

MeSTI Certification

A renamed framework to substitute the 1 Malaysia Food Protection Scheme (SK1 M) is MeSTI, or Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri Certification Scheme has been introduced. Under the 2009 Food Hygiene Regulation, every food processing, producing, and packaging facility owner and occupant is expected to plan and maintain a Food Security Assurance Program. This certification is also mandatory for an entity that has no other Food Safety Management System in place, as MeSTI meets the basic criteria to ensure that food provided by the manufacturer is safe inside Malaysia. The other certifications are globally acknowledged food safety systems namely HACCP, GMP, and ISO 22000.

Before qualifying for JAKIM Halal certification in which we also provide consultancy services, it is also necessary for your business to follow MESTI. An organization must adhere to a broad spectrum of basic hygiene standards for MESTI qualification, which emphasizes effective procedures, hygiene & sanitation, quality control, and records management.

MeSTI theoretically provides the necessary grounds for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to achieve acceptable food production and processing standards. The reason behind this is that many small firms have a long way in front of them in terms of having sufficient infrastructure, resources, technical capabilities, and expertise to acquire Food Safety Assurance Programs that are globally accepted such as HACCP and GMP.

But it works in vice versa. MeSTI certification also provides a fast and relatively easy certification process for companies who already have HACCP, GMP, or Packaged Drinking Water, Natural Mineral Water, or Ice licenses recognized by the Ministry of Health.

How does the MESTI Certification Process Work?

After the certification of MeSTI, these institutions will also be controlled afterward through monitoring audits to protect their certification eventually. This Food Safety Program is a system and also a framework provided to small and medium companies operating in the food industry to ensure that any of the processed or manufactured products will not be harmful to their consumers.

The recording tasks in respect of the audit would include the following:

    1. Completion of forms for Safe Food Industry Responsibility (MeSTI)
    2. Manually filling files with the Food Safety Assurance Program (PJKM) to demonstrate the general PJKM records
    3. FoSIM Filling Information Form (MoH Registration of Locations) and MeSTI by Location Manager
    4. Provision of the appropriate document list for MeSTI qualification

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